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    Book : "Attosecond Molecular Dynamics" Attosecond science is a new and rapidly developing research area in which molecular dynamics are studied at the timescale of a few attoseconds.

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    Within the past decade, attosecond pump—probe spectroscopy has emerged as a powerful experimental technique that permits electron dynamics to be followed on their natural timescales. With the development of this technology, physical chemists have been able to observe and control molecular dynamics on attosecond timescales.

    These real-time observations have spurred exciting new advances in the theoretical work to both explain and predict these novel dynamics. This book presents an overview of current theoretical work relevant to attosecond science written by theoreticians who are presently at the forefront of its development.

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    It is a valuable reference work for anyone working in the field of attosecond science as well as those studying the subject. Nature Communication : Electron correlation driven non-adiabatic relaxation in molecules excited option binamo an ultrashort extreme ultraviolet pulse" The many-body quantum nature of molecules determines their static and dynamic properties, but remains the main obstacle in their accurate description. Ultrashort extreme ultraviolet pulses offer a means to reveal molecular dynamics at ultrashort timescales.

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    Here, we report the use of time-resolved electron-momentum imaging combined with extreme ultraviolet attosecond pulses to study highly excited organic molecules. We measure relaxation timescales that increase with the state energy. Hints of coherent vibronic dynamics, which persist despite the molecular complexity and high-energy excitation, are also observed.

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    These results offer opportunities to understand the molecular dynamics of highly excited species involved in radiation damage and astrochemistry, and the role of quantum mechanical effects in these contexts. This requires a fundamental comprehension trading plus options the role of electronic structure, geometry, and interactions with the environment in order to guide molecular engineering strategies.

    In this context, we studied charged cyanine dye molecules in the gas phase option binamo a controlled microenvironment to unravel the origin of the spectral tuning of this class of molecules.

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    This was performed using a new approach combining femtosecond multiple-photon action spectroscopy of on-the-fly mass-selected molecular ions and high-level quantum calculations. While arguments based on molecular geometry are often used to design new polymethine dyes, we provide experimental evidence that electronic structure is of primary importance and hence the decisive criterion as suggested by recent theoretical investigations.

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