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Tickers doptions

Accessing real-time quote watchlists and charts.

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Creating orders. Viewing trade reports, portfolio, account information and news. Setting alerts and viewing market scanners. Importing watchlist. Modifying settings and launching the Account Management Application. When you touch the Customer Login username field, an entry keyboard is displayed which allows you to enter your secure login data. Not a customer yet?

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You can still access delayed market data for products around the world with access to powerful tools like market scanners and real time alerts. Quick Access Buttons Account — displays account balances, margin, funds and market values. Trades — displays a list of trade executions. Alerts — create price, trade and margin alerts. Market — view market briefs from our in-house IB analyst.

Set Scanner Parameters

View Account ID For individual accounts, your account id is displayed in the white text field. For advisors, you can select from a list of accounts by touching the white text field. The Portfolio and Account balances will reflect the account id chosen. Thumbnails Watchlist — Touch this top right section of the screen to customize up to 5 tickers in your Watchlist Thumbnail.

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Account Snapshot — Displays a non-customizable view of your account information. The Portfolio page is system generated.

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When you touch a position, the quote details display on the right hand side of the screen. From the quote details section, can click the Close button to close a tickers doptions. Live Orders — displays all pending orders and their order status.

Watchlist — pre-defined watchlists are listed.

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You can edit the existing lists or create your own. Market Scanners — two predefined scanners are available, or select from available scanner types and use the filter criteria to create your own. Portfolio News - will open to display the latest news headlines relating to contracts in your portfolio.

Touchez un titre pour lire l'intégralité de l'article, cliquez et maintenez appuyé sur le titre pour une liste des sociétés mentionnées dans l'article.

Market Statistics

Vous pouvez ouvrir les détails tickers doptions contrat pour chaque société. Déroulez vers le bas pour voir la totalité des 50 articles et touchez En voir plus pour télécharger tickers doptions prochaines 50 entrées.

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You can also define an entirely new watchlist. Edit Quotes — Touch one of the existing watchlists from the left menu panel and touch the Edit button to modify an existing watchlist.

Delete Ticker Symbols — Touch the red circle icon followed by the Delete button. To delete an entire watchlist, touch Delete Watchlist button at the bottom of the screen.

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Rearrange Ticker Symbol list — Touch the 3 horizontal bars to the right hand side of the list to grab and move the row. Save Changes — Touch the Done button to view save the modifications. Enter the ticker symbol and choose the exchange and instrument type.

Scanners de marché

The ticker symbol, last price, change, percentage tickers doptions, bid, ask and exchange will display in the list. Note that delayed quotes, where available, are displayed with a brown-green background color.

Détails de la cotation Quote Data - Colored tick dots are used on the last, bid and ask fields to indicate direction price movement.

Phones, cages, blackboards and ticker gear. Vous aurez les téléphones, les guichets, des tableaux et un téléscripteur.

Text colors, also indicating directional price movement, are used on the change fields. Green indicates an upward movement and red indicates a downward movement. The bid and ask sizes show the quantity available at that bid or ask price. Book — View a ladder of prices using the BookTrader tool. Options — View option chains, choose the expiry and tap the option row on either the Call or Put side, touch Add to Watchlist to add to watchlist.

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Close - Touch the Close button to close existing held position. Chart - Displays towards the center of the screen.

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Touch the Time Period button to modify the chart period. Volume chart.

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Quantity — Touch the quantity field and use the arrow or use the spinner to define the quantity or just type a value in the text field. Order Types - The basic order types are supported. Display Je gagnerai beaucoup dargent - Define the display size for an iceberg order which submits a large volume order to the market while publicly displaying only the specified portion of the submitted order.

News Market Scanner Spot trends, view exchange specific data and filter for the criteria you specify.

Transmit Order - After all the order details are entered, touch the Transmit button to send the order. Order Status — A popup window displays after you transmit the order on the left hand side of the screen.

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The arrow shows the order status color to give you at-a-glance information. In the order status popup, you can view a snapshot of the order details.

From this window, you can modify the order or send a cancellation request. Live Tickers doptions Live Orders — Touch Live Orders on the left panel menu to view open orders along with their associated color status. Modify — Touch Modify button next to the open order.